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A Thot's Thoughts

Petri.chard is a play on Petrichor — the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. A place to talk about life, relationships, and how to reframe our thoughts, as we patiently wait for it to rain again.

I've reserved this space to be introspective. It's essentially a public journal for those who care to know me beyond the physical. If you're seeking the NSFW stuff, my Twitter or OnlyFans is the more appropriate platform.

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I am.

I am grateful. I am elusive. I am tenacious. I am magnetic. I am ethereal. I am outrageous. I am unabashful. I am torpid. I am trapped in...

Take Pause

There are no eyes watching. There is no judge, jury, witness. There’s just you. What do you do? The way I reflect on life leaves me with...

At what point.

I have not written in a while. It’s because I haven’t been happy with myself. Taking a moment to reflect on who I’ve become and how it’s...

I Feel Better

These past few months were a lot of emotions. Mostly positive, productive, and enlightening. I haven't been in a super sexy mood since...

Sorry... truly

I keep hoping I've hit rock bottom and there's nothing left to lose. Turns out, there's a whole layer of trauma beneath the surface. I...

Happy.. er?

Tonight was a wonderful night, being surrounded by Burning Man campmates. It's comforting to be in a safe space and just lose yourself a...

A Lack of Subtly

Recently, I've been showing a more sincere part of myself with others. Instead of molding my responses to fit their desired interaction,...

Another night.

There's a deep, unsettling feeling of melancholy in my soul. I thought I moved beyond survival instincts, that I was in a position where...

Start of Something New

This song perfectly encapsulated how my September went. Back To Being Friends - Lauren Spencer Smith The need to feel productive. After...

Where Do You Go From Here?

I Don't Know What To Feel A long rant about how I've been doing. It's been a while since I've had the emotional energy to blog. Leading...

For One Please

I feel better. I feel content. I also just want to be alone. I'm not ready.. and that's okay. I realized that I can allow myself to feel...

Why So Sad

It closed without much closure. I feel like hiding away and shutting off for a bit, but I can't. Responsibilities, traveling,...

Not My Best

Dancing the night away, meeting new people, not caring about how ridiculous I looked while having fun... I paused, saw myself surrounded...


Another ramble ramble, she's drunk. 🥴 Oofta, what a night... at the same place, eating the same pizza. Got to see my friend dj, what an...

One More Month

I skipped writing yesterday and spend the evening sleeping. Going out for Sunday Funday and then working on Monday was a slight mistake,...

Resetting Myself

Shorter post today. It's a lazy Sunday for sure, woke up with a slight hangover and attempted to do all the things I put off during the...

The Social Contract

Just crawled into bed, it's 6am. I'm thinking about how people (specifically gay men) interact in party settings and how differently...

New York Pride Recap

Woof, my first New York Pride celebration was magical! How absolutely awe-inspiring it was to surround myself with creative, driven, and...

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What I'm currently using and loving! Shoot me an email or DM if you have suggestions I should try!

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Petri.chard is my creative outlet pet project. My hope is this will be an interesting, interactive, and insightful space. I find writing helps me process my emotions, reframe my thinking, and grants a glimpse into the experience of a gay, Asian Minnesotan living in San Francisco.

Feel free to email or DM me with topic suggestions, otherwise I'll keep ranting about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

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