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For One Please

I feel better. I feel content. I also just want to be alone. I'm not ready.. and that's okay. I realized that I can allow myself to feel hurt.

There's a strange tragedy of experiencing unique situations that feels completely isolating. There's a helplessness in it all. To admit you've been wronged and realize the kind of hurt you feel won't always be understood, but it's completely up to you to heal.

The most comforting thing for me would be to hold the person that hurt me the most. As much internal turmoil I feel, I still find myself trying to convey my capacity for love. It's the only positive thing I feel capable of emitting to the world right now.

I'm trying, from the bottomless pit of my heart. I realized that if my intentions are pure, I won't regret what I say.

Strange drunk ramble. Goodnight.

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