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Take Pause

There are no eyes watching.

There is no judge, jury, witness.

There’s just you.

What do you do?

The way I reflect on life leaves me with a sense of discomfort. Do I justify objective conclusions with reasons riddled with confirmation bias? Do I allot myself a level of grace in service of my own ego?

I fear, often.. that my disconnection to reality is due to getting closer to this strange inflection point where I realize I am doomed to fail and repeat my mistakes. (And now I’m crying) because it’s really an infinitesimal, cosmic miracle that I am here. Experiencing these emotions. Silenced. Ungrateful for this thing called life.

If appreciating beautiful moments and seeking human connection drives me into madness… I would happily die on that sword for the honor of saying “you got me, you stupid fucking bitch… I hope I make the same goddamn mistakes I made an infinite amount of times… because it’s always worth it”.

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